Fishhawk Preschool

3 – 4 Years


Over And Look Around

Fishhawk Preschool Program: 3- 4 Year Old

We believe that young children learn best by active learning, and that is why Children’s Academy is a child-centered program where children are encouraged to learn by playing and experiencing the world around them.

Our most important goal in the preschool program is to help children become enthusiastic learners.

We do this by encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts.

Our goal is to help children become independent self-confident and inquisitive learners.

Early Preschool

Preschool Literacy Development

Language Development For Your Preschooler

Your child is naturally curious about the world around him and ready to learn all that he can about it. Our program has been designed to specifically meet the diverse interests and needs of preschool children.

Your child can choose to play and work in seven different learning centers, each one equipped with developmentally appropriate materials designed to entice and challenge him.

He’ll be able to explore numbers, colors and shapes through a myriad of projects and activities.

He’ll solve problems and engage in many planned and spontaneous learning experiences. With our teachers there to guide and support him, he’ll make decisions about what materials to use and when to use them, helping to dramatically strengthen his decision-making skill and greatly increase his self-confidence.

Making Decisions, Fostering Confidence

Throughout your youngster’s preschool experience, we will provide a variety of opportunities and activities designed to increase his vocabulary and improve his listening skills. His teachers will engage him in rich and interesting conversations all through the day and ask thoughtful questions that will stimulate his thinking.

Ample opportunities for dramatic play experiences will help him further develop his speaking and listening skills which are the very foundations for learning to read and write.

Preschool Language Immersion

Our literacy enriched environments will provide your preschooler with many valuable language and print experiences, helping him to develop all of the skills he will need for a life-long love of reading and writing.

Stories and books will also be introduced as part of the art, math, cooking, science and gross motor skills components of your child’s curriculum. Incorporating stories that he already knows and loves will give him many opportunities for hands-on experiences based upon them.