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Baldwin Sterling


As the founder of Children’s Academy Language Immersion School, I am passionate about providing children with the foundation necessary to learn and think in multiple languages. Though not born of a Spanish heritage, I have always desired to give my children the opportunity to become bilingual or multilingual speakers.  My attempt to provide them with this gift lead me to enroll them in non-immersion programs touting to teach them a second language.  After years of disappointment, I decided that my desire of having my children learn a second language would not be possible.

However, it was only after watching students flourish in immersion education programs in Arizona and Memphis that I came to fully understand and appreciate the depth and array of benefits immersion education provides. Desiring this rich and beneficial opportunity for my three children, I founded Children’s Academy Language Immersion School to give them and others the best opportunity to become bilingual or multilingual.

Educational research confirms bilingual children consistently outscore monolingual children in academic testing. Learning in two languages results in cognitive stretching that reshapes children’s thinking and enhances their problem solving ability. Children become more flexible and more creative and, as a result, learn even more!

Children’s Academy Language Immersion School provides a proven model and instructional strategies that are based on extensive research and experience supported by strong teacher development, modeling and coaching.

Similar to our goal at Children’s Academy Brandon, we provide the highest quality education for young children using an immersion approach. We challenge our students to reach their highest individual potential, enabling them to confidently take risks and navigate the world.

We also believe good nutrition is critical to child development.  We will prepare healthy foods in creative ways helping kids discover the joy of fresh, natural foods and ultimately, choose them over less-nutritious alternatives.

We invite you to explore our website and visit our school. Join us on this exciting academic and cultural journey and allow us to open up a whole new world for your child.

With warm regards,

Baldwin Sterling