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Is your child ready to learn a second language? We are here to tell Riverview parents that it is never too early to begin!

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Riverview Florida Child Care Center

Professional Child Care In Riverview, Florida

Children’s Academy offers the greater Riverview area advanced language immersion. This is much more than teachers speaking in Spanish each day.

We work to identify their key strengths and opportunities. With Kindergarten fast approaching, we focus on the core reading, writing and problem solving.

Our language immersion program creates fluency in English and a second language. This creates a strong academic future for your child.

Brand New Riverview Child Care Center

Our child care center has parents best interest in mind. Our language immersion program creates:

  • Increased critical thinking tasks
  • Cognitive flexibility and growth
  • Increased attention span while learning
  • Fluency in a second language
  • Creative learning environment in two languages

While we are language focused, we still offer Riverview parents ideal child care benefits:

  • State of the art cafeteria
  • Certified teachers and child aids
  • Secure and comfortable learning environment
  • Advanced curriculum and learning objectives
  • Interactive, hands-on learning

Why Your Child Should Learn A Second Language

Riverview Florida Language Immersion Program

Making Friends Is Part Of The Fun!

Children’s Academy believes in the ‘earlier is better’ method. Any child in our center has the opportunity to begin learning a second language.

Your child’s best chance at learning and retaining a new language is between birth and age 10. We know this window is key to immersion and retention. At our center your child stays engaged in the second language for a majority of their day.

Daily interaction in language exercises expands much more than their vocabulary.

  • Brain function and growth increases as your child practices their new language. Fusing this with practice in their primary language creates an advanced learning culture. Your child’s cognition in other educational areas improves quickly.
  • Creative daily practice takes advantage of a child’s time table. Learning a second language can take years of practice, so starting early is critical. Our approach gives your child daily activities designed to help retention.
  • Advanced learning in later years is inevitable with our immersion programs. Your child’s ability to work with two languages on a daily basis will shed new light on study habits. They will outpace children in their age group as they enter higher levels of education. Problem solving and critical thinking happen faster as your child masters two languages.

Creating Trust In Riverview Florida

While Children’s Academy is a new child care center, our roots in Hillsborough County run deep. We began our first child care center in 1981 in Brandon, Florida. We have been serving the nearby areas ever since.

Our goals have remained the same since day one:

  1. Prepare young children for the next step of his or her education
  2. Uphold good moral fiber by example and guidance
  3. Encourage the unique creativity in every child.

Our school helps Riverview parents get the best care for their children. We offer the added bonus of learning a second language in our curriculum.

Your child enjoys the benefits of lifelong bilingualism while growing up in a fun and secure environment. Give your child the best chance to succeed at Children’s Academy !