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Plant City Child Care Parents Can Trust

When it comes to your child settling for a daily babysitter is not an option. You need a strong, experienced staff to educate and help your child grow. You need the team Plant City trusts for child care.

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Plant City Child Care Center

Creating Lasting Friendships!

Children’s Academy Fishhawk puts parents of Plant City, Florida first. Our advanced educational programs help your child succeed beyond just Kindergarten.

Professional teachers and staff keep the focus on your child. We assess them individually, then grow and learn as a group. Using hands-on activities, creative assignments and more we nurture your child.

Language Immersion For Preschool Children

Children’s Academy Fishhawk takes learning to the next level. Our language immersion program offers the ability to learn a second language as a child!

This technique not only hones a lifelong skill, it opens your child up to higher learning sooner than expected. This higher level of learning can be applied in all areas of life!

Reasons To Choose Our Plant City Child Care Center

Our child care center creates a positive environment for your child. Parents choose us for the many benefits our center provides, including:

  • Increased critical thinking tasks
  • Cognitive flexibility and growth
  • Increased attention span while learning
  • Fluency in a second language
  • Creative learning environment in two languages

High-quality child care in Plant City means you get a trusted, experienced staff with:

  • State of the art cafeteria
  • Certified teachers and child aids
  • Secure and comfortable learning environment
  • Advanced curriculum and learning objectives
  • Interactive, hands-on learning

What Child Care Programs Are Available In Plant City?

Language Immersion Program

Hands-On Learning Through Creativity

Children’s Academy Fishhawk serves children from infancy up through school age. We offer a variety of programs allowing your child to feel at home each year they return.

All programs incorporate our language goals daily. We follow an advanced curriculum for a well-rounded education.

  • Infant care for early development. Our infant and toddler caregivers blend educational experiences with security and care. Our infant program is designed for care from birth to age two. Our infant rooms offer expert care areas where your child can engage with staff and other children.
  • Toddlers and Twos begin new experiences. Your child’s imagination is blooming and we encourage it. Talking and socialization are key to the toddler program while making new discoveries. The Twos Program steps up even further as we begin answering “what,” “why” and “how” questions. They gain some independence but continue working and playing with others.
  • Preschool education for active learning. This child-centered program helps them discover the world around them. They take on math, science and literacy challenges every day. Speaking becomes a central part of their daily routine and curiosity is encouraged!
  • Pre-Kindergarten and VPK programs for new challenges. Reach new milestones in motor skills and decision making. Activities and lessons become more hands-on while basic learning continues. Language and reading advance much further in these programs to prep your child for new heights.
  • Before and after school programs to encourage education. Keep your children finding new interests with our newly designed program. We pick up from Pinecrest Elementary, Lithia Springs Elementary and, Fishhawk Creek Elementary. We offer before care and drop off to Pinecrest Elementary.

How Children’s Academy Fishhawk Serves Plant City

Plant City and Hillsborough County will love Children’s Academy Fishhawk. We began our first child care center in 1981 in Brandon, Florida. We have been serving the nearby areas ever since.

Our goals have remained the same since day one:

  1. Prepare young children for the next step of his or her education
  2. Uphold good moral fiber by example and guidance
  3. Encourage the unique creativity in every child.

Our Fishhawk school helps Plant City parents get the best care for their children. We offer the added bonus of learning a second language in our curriculum.

Your child enjoys the benefits of lifelong bilingualism while growing up in a fun and secure environment. Give your child the best chance to succeed at Children’s Academy Fishhawk!