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We recognize that the ability to speak more than one language considerably heightens one’s ability to learn, lead, and love.


Preschool Lithia Benefits

Our Language Immersion School Includes:

  • Creative learning environment in two languages
  • Increased attention span while learning
  • Cognitive flexibility and growth
  • Fluency in a second language
  • Increased critical thinking tasks

Your child enjoys a secure and comfortable environment surrounded by like-minded children. We integrate advanced learning objectives into every lesson. Your child learns to engage with their peers and our staff through collaborative projects.

Special Offerings...

  • Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Snack
  • Before and After-School Care with Transportation
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
  • Key Card Entry Security Access
  • Field Trips
  • Age Specific Playgrounds
  • Fully Integrated, Age-Appropriate Preschool Curriculum

Our Staff Is Dedicated To...

Offering high-quality child care for a lasting love of learning. Our team of certified teachers and child aids focus on your child’s growth. From learning a second language to creative expression and problem solving, our hands-on program develops skilled learners.

The opportunity to master a second language comes in a very small window with young children. Give your child an academic advantage and a lifelong skill through language immersion. Call Us Today at (813) 689-6819 to find out more!

The Global Advantage

Children’s Academy Fishhawk Immersion School realizes the benefits of being fluent in a second language and how it provides an advantage over monolingual speakers. However, we take this advantage even further by providing a stellar academic foundation to ensure that your child has an academic and global advantage!

Children’s Academy Fishhawk Academic Approach

Our Vision

“A world where all children have the ability to globally communicate, relate and partner with each other to provide the necessary leadership to address, resolve and/or prevent global issues”

Our Mission

“To ensure children are linguistically, culturally and academically prepared to succeed in our global environment because together we are much stronger than apart.”

How do we accomplish our mission?

We see each child as an individual! Our staff assesses each child to identify their key strengths and opportunities. Each teacher is held to a high academic standard, a native language speaker, and is fully equipped to ensure that each child has a strong educational foundation to meet and exceed upcoming educational requirements.

We feel that each class is a building block towards a strong academic foundation and your child’s future. Our goal is to have each child reading, writing, problem solving and fluently speaking in both the selected target language and English. Read More

Why is it so important to start learning a foreign language as early as possible?

Will learning a second language interfere with my child’s ability to learn English?

Will my child become proficient in the second language? How long will that take?