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Parents need an affordable, caring place for their children to grow. Our Bloomingdale community is our number one priority!

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Bloomingdale Florida Child Care Center

Education Through Daily Activities

Children’s Academy serves Bloomingdale, Florida with its advanced language immersion approach. Our staff works to create a strong educational foundation.

Our high academic standards keep teachers focused on the growth of your child. This reaches beyond academics by creating strong mental and physical development.

Our language immersion program creates fluency in English and a second language. We pride ourselves on assessing each child individually. They grow at their own pace learning skills they keep for life!

Why Parents Choose Our Bloomingdale Child Care Center

Our child care center creates a positive environment for your child. Parents become part of our family while children get excited about learning.

As a language immersion school your child gets:

  • Increased critical thinking tasks
  • Cognitive flexibility and growth
  • Increased attention span while learning
  • Fluency in a second language
  • Creative learning environment in two languages

High-quality child care in Bloomingdale means you get a trusted, experienced staff with:

  • State of the art cafeteria
  • Certified teachers and child aids
  • Secure and comfortable learning environment
  • Advanced curriculum and learning objectives
  • Interactive, hands-on learning

Why Do You Need Professional Child Care In Bloomingdale?

Children’s Academy knows how busy any parent can be. We’re here to bring peace of mind through proper education. We combine hands-on learning with advanced curriculum initiatives.

Parents live worry-free while their child creates a lifelong love of learning. As child care professionals, we are focused on much more than completing daily tasks.

  • Certified, experienced teaching staff gives your child a learning edge. Our teachers identify strengths and weaknesses in problem solving, creative expression and more. We work alongside your child to grow those strengths and surround them with like-minded children. Then we arm your child with tools to curb their weaknesses into strengths over time.
  • Secure and comfortable learning environment is key to any child’s success. We understand that parents need a safe place for their children to learn. Our secured entry keeps your child in our sight. Structured play areas increase their physical growth and expel plenty of energy each day.
  • Advanced learning goals to encourage mental growth. From learning a second language to creative activities, your child advances quickly. Cognitive development increases daily and your child will be searching for new paths.

Parents trust our Children’s Academy staff to create the best learning opportunities for their children.

The Children’s Academy Difference

Children’s Academy is a new child care center, but we know Hillsborough County. We began our first child care center in 1981 in Brandon, Florida. We have been serving the nearby areas ever since.

Our goals have remained the same since day one:

  1. Prepare young children for the next step of his or her education
  2. Uphold good moral fiber by example and guidance
  3. Encourage the unique creativity in every child.

Our school helps Bloomingdale parents get the best care for their children. We offer the added bonus of learning a second language in our curriculum.

Your child enjoys the benefits of lifelong bilingualism while growing up in a fun and secure environment. Give your child the best chance to succeed at Children’s Academy!