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About Us

Children’s Academy is a TOP Rated and Nationally Accredited Program

Children’s Academy Fishhawk is committed to providing a strong social, emotional and academic foundation in a warm and nurturing environment. Many children throughout the world are exposed to a second language from birth. This trend is also increasing in the United States. Research shows that children who are highly fluent in a second language may have the following advantages:

  • Learning a second language challenges children, resulting in a better cognitive flexibility and creative thinking skills.
  • Highly proficient bilingual children enjoy certain cognitive advantages in comparison to monolinguals. A bilingual advantage has been demonstrated during the performance of tasks that call for selective attention.
The Global Advantage

Children’s Academy Fishhawk realizes the benefits of being fluent in a second language and how it provides an advantage over monolingual speakers. However, we take this advantage even further by providing a stellar academic foundation to ensure that your child has an academic and global advantage!

Our highly effective curriculum focuses on:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies and Culture
  • Physical Education
  • Fine Art
  • Music and Theater
  • Library and Technology

Our curriculum is designed to provide an experience that promotes and often times exceeds the core competency educational expectations through differentiated learning. Using intensive interactions in our immersive environment, learning is presented to children in their most effective educational modality ensuring each child truly learns and retains the information to provide them with a strong foundation for future academic success.

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Spanish culture and language

What Parents Say About Us

My daughter has been going to Children’s Academy Brandon for over a year now and she totally loves the school. She has learned so much since she started there. We are very pleased and expect that this new school in Fishhawk will be just as awesome!

Brian Oliver

Happy Parent

Using Language To Unlock Your Child’s Success!

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